Celestial Grimoire

Hi Hello! My name is Robyn, I've been practicing witchcraft since I was about 14 (I'm now 24!). I'm trying to be more active in my work and be more knowledgeable, so I have been on and off creating an ongoing Carrd grimoire. I ran into a lot of limitations as I was adding a TON of elements and information. So, here I am to add even more with way less limitation! This grimoire is for both me and my fiancé, Kris, and I can't wait to get it up and running properly. I have droves of information ready to be put together :)

If anyone else checks out this site, I hope any of the things on here are useful for you! It is definitely catered to me and my fiancé, so I'm sorry if there isn't something you're looking for. I'm definitelly adding personal correspondences of herbs, crystals, and things as well so they may not be the same for everyone. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter because this isn't meant for other's in the first place. But, if it ends up being useful, cool! Welcome! Have fun!